Litigation / Dispute Resolution

Spigulis & Kukainis attorneys have a wealth of litigation experience and have represented clients before all instances (levels) of Latvian Civil Courts, all instances (levels) of Latvian Administrative Courts, before the Latvian Competition Council, the Latvian State Revenue Service (Latvian tax authority) and before various Latvian Arbitration Courts.

Litigation is a risk of doing business and must be taken seriously.  Extensive litigation experience allows Spigulis & Kukainis to truly understand, not only in theory, how laws are interpreted by the court and actually work in practice.

Spigulis & Kukainis understands that the best option sometimes is an out of court settlement, but if litigation is necessary, Spigulis & Kukainis has a team of talented, dedicated attorneys who will strive to understand your goals and the best plan of action.

  • Representation before the Courts of the Republic of Latvia
           - Latvian District Court
           - Latvian Appellate Court
           - Latvian Supreme Court
           - Latvian Administrative Courts

  • Representation before Latvian Arbitration Courts
  • Representation before Foreign Arbitration Courts
  • Representation before the Latvian Competition Council
  • Representation before the Latvian State Revenue Services (the Latvian tax authority)
  • Representation before the Latvian Office of Citizenship and Migratory Affairs