Inheritance Law / Estate Planning

Successful transition of your property or business to the next generation requires careful planning in order to protect your assets and minimize transfer and estate taxes and fees. A will is always not enough to ensure that your wealth will be preserved for your heirs.

  • Processing Latvian inheritance requests
  • Representation in all probate matters before Latvian courts 
  • Representation in all probate matters before Latvian notaries
  • Representation regarding disputes with other potential heirs
  • Minimization of Latvian transfer taxes and Latvian estate taxes
  • Interplay of United States and Latvian Tax Law
  • Revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, asset protection trusts

If you are the heir of a property or estate in Latvia, Spigulis and Kukainis can assist with administration issues related to the assets of the estate.

  • Identifying and taking inventory of the estate assets
- Property, bank accounts, personal belongings
  • Collecting/Paying debts owed to the estate
  • Appraisal of assets
  • Filing and paying estate and other transfer taxes and fees
  • Distributing assets to beneficiaries.